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The History of Craps

The History of Craps

I was walking past the craps table the other day and noticed heap of guys smoking, some were drinking, some were really just sitting out on the grass with their laptops, just sitting there waiting for the craps table to open.

Which would be a good thing for us because if the drunk guy rolls a 22 on his next roll, we cash in $10,000.00!

But there’s something about craps that gets inside of us and we get greedy. We start thinking about how much money we’d like to have and start planning our financial future in the city that we live in. realizing that it’s going to take us a while to realize our long term financial goals in New York, we decide instead to go somewhere else.

How Act I Craps Played

Craps was actually played in the back alleys of the 19th century, most likely born in the backwoods of England as craps was Popularly played in the filthy ghettos of New Orleans. The game was started by a man named Connection who was later vigourously outlawed for gambling. The game was played for by cheats who would intimidate the other players by throwing the dice so that they were confused as to who was throwing them.

When craps was played in the old days, the dice were thrown by players on a table with a box before each throw, today you’d find pit bosses to ensure consistency and to control the dice. Every player was given a proposition bet, which was basically a bet on how any one would throw the dice. The casino took a five percent commission on the bankroll and paid out to players with cheaters.

The History of craps

aging craps in the USA has been played since the early 1800s, the game started off as a mixture of horse racing and cards, the bet was originally cards that would lose. People began betting with their friends and family and soon the betting grew and the best guess as to who’s going to win or lose became part of the entertainment.

AME James Bondage

In the movies we never ran intoUCK as they say, but in real life James Bondagewas a real thrill. In the 50’s and 60’s craps was horseracing, if you were good at it you could make a lot of money, but the big money was on the table. The people who were making the best bets were those that bet with the best odds, which of course was not always the case. The casinos where these bets were placed were legal, and by the late 60’s most people believed that Vegas was built on such a factor that nothing could go wrong.

Fast forward to the early 90s and we have online craps in the form of dice-shooting virtual casinos. Some people think that online gambling has been responsible for the decrease in craps players, but craps has showed no signs of slowing down. Today craps is still flourishing, and it is still a dominant force in the gambling world.

Play with craps odds

Today, many people believe that the best craps bets are made when a shooter sets the dice in a certain way, and they then hold or roll the dice to the specified number, whereas the proposition bets that pay the most are the ones that require the least amount of money to win. Which is not to say that a free odds bet at a free odds casino is going to win you any money, it simply needs to fall below even money.

Now, depending on the strength of the odds that the casino offers, you can bet with or bet against the dice-shooting virtual casino.

The passed bets

These bets are placed before the come-out roll and a new series of bets can be placed. You can bet that the shooter will roll a number, or you can bet against coming out a number, or you can even bet against coming out a number at all. This is similar to how you can bet against a roulette wheel.

Place your bets

Once you’ve picked your number, or numbers, you place your bets. You can bet that the shooter is going to roll a number, or alternatively you can bet against the shooter rolling a number, or perhaps you can bet for or against the shooter not rolling a number.

Come out the dice

Finally, after you’ve placed your bets, the come-out roll of the dice is the signal for the end of the game. The person playing a point number can place a bet on the pass line, or they can bet against the come-out roll. The stakes will be the same and if the shooter rolls the dice the same way you’ve placed your bet you’ll get paid out accordingly.

That’s it!


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